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Crypto Asset Ratings
We are committed to provide rigours and in depth reviews for crypto assets viz cryptocurrency and crypto tokens for companies which are enrolled with us. Our expert team of analysts assess each crypto asset based on proprietary rating algorithm. Rating scores are stored on smart contract for auditability.
Reviews for Investors
With numerous crypto assets coming daily in the market, we provide insightful guidance for investors by doing thorough due diligence based on Business, Legal, Financial, and Technical risk categories. Our ratings and reviews are comprehensiveand suited for both institutional and retal investors.
Consulting for performances enhancements
Our team of crypto and industry experts provide actionable recommendations for rating improvement for companies for their crypto assets. This helps the crypto asset issuers to have visibility in rating movements and prioritise their course of action.

About Crypto Asset Rating

Crypto Asset Rating Inc (CAR) is a crypto asset rating agency, based in the US. We have designed a comprehensive rating algorithm for the crypto assets to help people understand the long-term viability of a crypto asset and the company issuing it.

Besides the rating platform, we are also developing Crypto Business World (CBW), a content platform focused on the crypto market.

  • Around 150 rating parameters, divided into 15+ categories
  • Rating scores provided by Internal as well as External analyst
  • Blockchain based rating engine
  • Comprehensive and layered rating governance structure
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Crypto Asset
Enrollment Steps

Enroll your Crypto asset for rating by our SMEs in quick 4 steps

1Fill in registration Form

2Approval by admin team & get access

3Upload basic info & necesary document

4Get Started with the Rating Process


01 FAQs

Why does the world need rating for crypto assets?

The crypto market has been plagued with some cases of outright fraud, or cases where the project never comes to fruition. Investors have little to no recourse because there is no trusted intermediary performing any kind of regulatory oversight or vetting of the offerings.

Most of the crypto asset investors are multi-asset institutional investors who lack the particular expertise or are non-sophisticated retail investors, who lack the resources to do thoroughly research the crypto assets they invest in. Besides, the sheer volume of crypto assets makes it impossible for a diversified investor to analyze each of those ICOs properly.

An unbiased rating system can help analysing the crypto assets with a consistent framework defined by similar parameters.


External Analyst
We have following External Analysts

Business External Analysts

Assesses a crypto assest issuer's business risk eg product development stage, addressable market size, competitive analysis, team structure, macro economic factors

Legal External Analysts

Assesses a crypto assest and its issuer's legal risk eg. vetting of company related documents, intellectual property, legal validity of the crypto asset, regulatory framework

Technology External Analysts

Assess the technology risk of the product eg. usage of blockchain, if blockchain is adding significant advantage, maturity of the technology being used, competitive technology available

Financial External Analysts

Assesses a crypto assest and its issuer's financial risk eg. historical financial analysis, cash flow analysis, capital structure, ratio analysis, financial projection, usage of funds, value of the token