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Photochain is a blockchain based, peer-to-peer platform for stock photography. Using blockchain technology, Photochain returns the control over licensing, copyright, and trading back to photographers. Mediated by Smart Contracts, Photochain enables a fairer, more efficient, and secure transaction directly between artists and buyers.

About Photochain

Photochain revolutionizes the status quo of photography trading. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer image platform on blockchain with fair conditions, attractive incentivisation mechanisms, lowest fees in the market and full control over the content, price and license type for the photographer. On the IPFS Photochain database, each uploaded photo is linked to a photographer through a blockchain transaction. This link cannot be removed or manipulated in any way. Photochain is in the pole position and ready to disrupt the monopolized photography industry with a great, experienced and influential team and board of advisors.


Photochain is created around 4 key pillars:

P2P Marketplace

We want buyers and sellers determine their own terms of sale, so we allow them to trade directly with one another. Using blockchain to remove the need for costly processing, we guarantee photographers to receive 95% of the earnings from their works.

Easy Onboarding

A simple identity verification for all photographers. Unlike with traditional photostocks which require lots of prerequisites, a user can be actively selling work in minutes. The removal of prerequisites further allows the platform to be fully accessible and profitable to hobby, amateur and professional photographers alike.

Digital Copyright Chain

Our decentralized database ensures each uploaded photo is hashed into the blockchain and permanently linked to its owner. This link cannot be changed removed or manipulated in any way. Any further uploaded image is also hashed and compared to the existing DCC for copyright fraud. Additionally due to the permanent link, any misuse of the image outside of paid licenses is easily detectable.

Crypto Economy

We are helping to build a crypto economy, where we have more control over our data. A fairer economy where you are rewarded for your work. We believe photographers deserve fair compensation for their efforts and their creativity.


Photochain gives clear advantages over conventional photo stocks to both kinds of users: contributors and customers. Contributors at Photochain benefit from an extremely low fee - only 5% of the selling price. This opportunity to keep 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their work cheaper, and consequently the market becomes more affordable for customers. This type of fair market not only benefits the users, but should benefit the photography industry as a whole, as the possibility of increased income incentivizes contributors to perform better.

These profound market changes are only made possible by using blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, machine learning and Photochain’s own user community. Most of the processes become automated and decentralized, significantly reducing costs of platform governance. It’s unavoidable that more and more stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

Stanislav Stolberg

Jakub Stefański

Fredi Lienhardt

Photographer Relationships Officer

Sebastian Schuhl


Ralf Gerteis

Business Development

Peter Lai

Blockchain Developer

Samuel Manzanera

Technology and Software Architecture Analyst

Haris Rana

Chief Copywriter

Dr. Jeannette Heinert


Artur Gugelew

Financial Strategy Manager

Brian Colwell

Blockchain Evangelist

Dylan Sharkey

Sales and Investment Relations

Yaroslav Pyptiuk

UI/UX Designer

Danylo Golovanchuk

Front-End Developer

Dariusz Szewczyk

Senior Java Developer

Adam Gaj

Senior Java Developer

Lee Willson

Alexander Sverdlov

Audrey Baverel

Marcus Schmitt

Lars Schulze

Paulo Renato Dallagnol

Charles Becquet

Jared Polites

Roberto Capodieci

Ilya Anikin

Alex Fedosseev

Token SHRP


Type Platform Utility Token (Ethereum ERC20 Token)

PreICO price 1 SHRP = 0.00003 ETH

Price in ICO 1 SHRP = 0.00003 ETH

40% (+5% when buying > 10 ETH)

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